TEEN SERVICES are our Sunday morning Youth Ministry program at GBC.

Location- GYM

TIMES- 10:00 and 11:30 am

Teen Services begin with worship from Teen Band, announcements, then a lesson time.  For the 10:00 am service, students will go to their elective study.  At the 11:30 service, students stay in a large group to go over one lesson together.  

Each semester, GBCYM will offer 4 electives for students to choose from for the 10:00 am services.  These electives are not meant to be gender or grade specific, but instead meet students where they are in their personal walks with the Lord.  Students are not required to stay in an elective but are highly encouraged to find one that they think can stay with throughout the semester.

a Bible Study.jpg


As we look deeper into James’ letter, we will explore what a true relationship with Jesus should look like. How we can draw closer to Him through our actions and reflect Him through our deeds. As James himself put it, “Faith without works is dead.”

Recommended for students young in their faith wanting to take that “next step” in their walk with the Lord.

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In Timothy Keller’s book and discussion, we will look into some of the foundational truths of who God is, what He said is truth and how He is the only way.

Recommended for students who are science minded and looking for answers about God and how Christianity compares to other religions and faiths.



In this elective, we will look over a few questions people might have about God, Christianity, faith and the Bible but are afraid to ask. We might not have all the answers, but we are willing to look for them with you through this series.

Recommended for students who have questions about faith and Christianity or want to prepare themselves for answering others’ questions.