BreakAway is our high school program for GBCYM. 

BreakAway meets every Wednesday night throughout the school year from 6-8pm.  Our night consists of games, worship activities, a large group lesson, and small group time.

Social Media



High School is HARD!  Not only do you have to worry about teachers, grades, papers, and testes, but then there are all the social aspects of high school… How do we fit in, and how do we stand out?  How are we to be a light in a world that is so dark?  How do we survive?


9/11- In It, NOT Of It

9/18- Being A Missionary

       Some stories in the Bible are not really “Sunday School appropriate”, but they still have incredible purpose and meaning for our lives today! In this series, we will be looking at three stories THAT ARE IN the Bible that we might not have heard before. After the shock sets in that our Bible had these stories, we will look at how we can really learn from these stories and draw closer to God!   


10/2- Not About the Rules

10/9- Who Your Surround Yourself With

10/16- Truth Comes Out Eventually


       This is not sex talk month, Love Month is a time where we dedicate a whole month to equipping and coming alongside students as they face the struggles and temptations of this world. Some of the topics we are addressing this year are; Social Media, Dating, and Pornography.  Also, this month, we will have the privilege of hearing three individuals’ stories of abortion, adoption and major life choices.


10/30- Should I Date?

11/6- Young Couples Panel

11/13- I Made a Mistake…

11/20- Guys Talk/ Girls Chat


       Fun Nights are a night of youth group that are geared towards just having fun!  Students work very hard throughout the school year, and we want them to have opportunities to just have fun.  During these nights, we will have video games, board games, themed nights, food, and much, much more!  These nights are also great opportunities for our students to invite friends to youth group in a very nonthreatening nor intimidating way.